Unchooling: Lessons Learned During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

In the rush to return to normal, why not use this time to consider what is worth rushing back to.

During this time of isolation from our normal activities, I have spent this time reflecting on the busyness that life usually holds for us as a family with 3 kids unschooling, my mom who lives with us and is my partner in the small business I am working on ( find us at etsy.com/shop/nickicreatesstudio or on this site as well), and a husband who works full time. I have come to realize how over the top our schedule has become. As an unschool mom one of the insecurities I sometimes have is, are we doing enough? In my reflections, thinking on what our priorities are and talking to the kids and Ryan, I know what we have been doing is to much.

The Best Yes By Lysa Terkeurst

“Our decisions aren't just isolated choices. Our decisions point our lives in the direction we are about to head.

Over this well needed break from the many extra curricular activities and all the busyness of life we have had time to make meaningful memories, spend time working on valuable skills, reconnecting with one another without all the distractions that we didn't even realize were stealing innocent and meaningful learning and growing opportunities, both educationally and spiritually and in our relationships.

My kids had begun asking to stay home more, being reluctant to go to the activities that they had previously asked to join and in my desire to support them in their interests I became distracted by the money spent on activities and feeling pressure to make them follow through with what they had started. We had lost some of the most important reasons we wanted to live this unschooling lifestyle, to connect with our children, to foster what is important in life, spend time together learning new skills as a family and learning through life. Something that was rapidly being replaced with busyness, rushing and time being sucked away from more meaningful learning.

Never Stop Learning

Life is to important to rush through.”

Amidst all the worry and everyone's rush to get back to the busyness I have found the blessing of time, time to reconnect with my family, time to reconnect with myself and what my dreams and our goals are! To live a life always learning and working to be better than I was yesterday through connecting with The Holy Spirit and being filled with the hope I have in his promises.

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