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So I know I haven't posted in a while, I apologize for that. Sadly right after launching this blog my computer stopped charging and so we had to take it in to get fixed and that took awhile but it also gave us an opportunity to get our other computer fixed at the same time for the kids to use for school.

We, my husband and I, decided with everything going on and less opportunities to go to museums, zoo's ect. because of covid 19 that we will start using an online school curriculum. We feel our kids will benefit from a bit more structure in our schooling, also my kids said they would like to do more online learning. So we will be trying out Easy Peasy all in one homeschool curriculum. The boys are excited to start this curriculum and we plan to start using it when we start our next school semester in about three weeks ( I will post a follow up and review of the curriculum in the future).

With so many people starting out with homeschooling I highly recommend Easy Peasy, it is so simple to use for both kids and parents, it is free with an option of donating to use. Easy Peasy saves all your kids work and makes record keeping a breeze if you create an account or you can just use it for select subjects and everything is all planned out and ready to go, this program also has the option of being taught from a biblical world view.

This summer my kids have spent a lot of time exploring nature and reading, we love to go to the beach, hiking, camping and exploring new places and experiences. We actually just got back from camping on the river at a friends cabin for the fourth and the boy's learned a lot about fire safety, fireworks and how they work, fish habitat and anatomy, and animals that live along the river. They of course also had a fun time socializing with a bunch of their friends and family from back in Iowa that we haven't seen in awhile. I actually grew up on the river for several years and I loved it, it is a dream of mine to live along a river again.

I have been using some of my time during the whole quarantine time to begin a series of online bible classes that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I have been so hungry to learn more about the bible and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ outside of my normal morning quiet times. I'm learning so much and getting to model my dedication and love of learning to my children.

I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and an opportunity opened up so I jumped at the opportunity, its a class that had a lot of interest and so I was blessed to make it in because they had limited openings.

The Lord has been blessing me so much through these classes and my hunger for Gods word has only grown, for years I've prayed for a my hunger and understanding of God and His word to grow and He has been so faithful in answering my prayers. I think it is so important to be in the word with the world so filled with distractions, false teachings and craziness going on. I look forward to starting a Wednesday's in the word series coming up soon so keep an eye out for that coming soon to my blog!

Well I pray you all have a blessed day! And I'm so excited to be back writing again! More to come soon!

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