On This Road Called Life

Wherever you are, be all there. Jim Elliot

As you can see, we started a youtube channel! Many of our family and friends have encouraged us to share our journey and so here we are! In our first video we share a quick tour of our 2021 class C DayBreak RV from Thor. Our ultimate goal is to have a skoolie (a school or coach bus converted into a home on wheels). As many of you know from our last post, we sold our house back in November to start this life, a dream of ours that through alot of hard work and prayer, we are now living!

This way of life has its challanges and we learning so much as we go. Our main type of camping has been boondocking on state trust land (STL) as well as bureau of land management land (BLM). This the most affordable way to camp, although the biggest benifit to us is the sceanery and the space. This way of camping is usually not very crouded unlike RV parks. Although unlike RV parks there are no amenities which means you have to be self contained, you only have your tanks and then have to find a place to refill your water and empty your gray and black tanks as needed. There are many apps that you can use to find were to do this. One challange is that our RV tanks are only 40 gallons each which doesnt last very long with 6 people so we are learning good ways to conserve water. I plan to do a video on water at some point.

We had our first RV christmas and the boys all said it was their favorite christmas so far, to our surprise as we didnt do alot in the way of gifts because we are working to be more minimalistic in our way of life and instill what is important in life. We had our friend here near Pheonix AZ. come stay with us and celebrate as well as a fellow traveler who we met also spent Christmas Dinner with us. It turned our to be a very special and memorable christmas. We took a beautiful hike on Christmas morning near Superstition Mounains, truly breath taking! Im so grateful for this opportunity! I hope you all had an amazing holiday season! God bless and remember to live a life of gratitude!

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