My 4 Favorite Books for Beginning Herbalists!

So you have been bitten by the herbal bug! If your like me the thought of taking your health into your own hands is exciting, empowering and even a little uncertain at times. I am blessed to have been raised by a very natural mom who started learning about herbs in her early adult life and she has worked to pass much of that knowledge down to my sister and I. Mom and I love gardening, making herbal remedies, salves, teas and even seasoning's from our herb garden, there is just something about preparing the soil, planting a seed and watching that seed produce a plant, that through attention and care, produce a life sustaining food and medicine, or spending the day scouring the woods and fields to find your ingredients, it is so satisfying, rewarding and makes me feel so connected with nature!

Some of my favorite ways to learn is first and foremost in person from a knowledgeable and experienced "old timer" (I mean this in a truly endearing way) as some like to say, those who have had this knowledge passed down from generation to generation. I love You-tube but I prefer books that I can take with me to the garden, when foraging ect. This makes it so I can refer back to as needed even if I am in an area that doesn't have good signal to be able to use my phone (some of my favorite places).

So without further a due, here are my 4 favorite books in no particular order ( I love them all and can't decide which ones I love the most) for Herbalists/natural health lovers of all levels:

Lets start with Folk Medicine, A New England almanac of natural health care from a noted Vermont country doctor by D.C. Jarvis M.D. This book is in a very folksy feeling format, a culmination of examples of this doctors experiences "on the job" if you will. This book has more to do with natural remedies, honey and apple cider vinegar in particular, and not so much herbal, I included this however, because I use honey as well as apple cider vinegar in many of my herbal remedies and recipes. Honey and Apple Cider vinegar are in my mind super foods and should be in every home apothecary.

Next on the list are two books from the Author Rachel Weaver M.H.

Back Yard Pharmacy, Weeds That Heal- This is more about wild herbs, many of which are considered "weeds". I love the layout of this book! It goes through plant by plant and teaches all about each plant, where to find it, the uses and a few recipes or examples of this plant in action. This book easy to read and reference.

The second is: Be Your Own Doctor, 101 stories, an informative guide to herbal home health care. This book is filled with useful information on herbs, natural medicine and healthy living. This book has a very practical format of ailment and appropriate remedy/approach to use. This book is quite exhaustive and even growing up with a mother who is knowledgeable in this area I have learned of many remedies I hadn't known of previously that I have been further researching and experimenting with.

And last but definitely not least is: The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, The Healing Power of Plant Medicine By Nicole Apelian, Ph.D and Claude Davis

This book teaches everything from herbal tea's to salves and tincture making , as well as several more herbal methods used, what to use in what situation, an exhaustive list of plants, common garden herbs to foraging and Identification of wild plants that have been used throughout the centuries. This is a great book especially if you want to be as self sufficient as possible or need to know what to do in the event of for some reason or another, you don't have quick access to a doctor, if you were living very remotely for example. I love books like this, and I reference this book often.

Here is a glimpse into the beginning of our winter apothecary, these are our tinctures brewing in our kitchen cupboard!

All of these books can be found on Amazon and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to increase their knowledge of natural and traditional health and wellness. I hope all of you have a blessed day and that you find this blog post helpful!

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