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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Living each day for the lessons learned and adventures gained in this life. Grateful for every memory made.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Nicole and in this blog I will be sharing about our life as unschoolers! We are a family of six counting my mother Lisa who lives with us. Our family consists of my amazing husband Ryan who I cant imagine life without, myself, our three wonderful boys, Alexander, Caleb and Wayne, as well as my mother who is one of my best friends.

I will be sharing a peak into unschool life, green living with a family of six, living on a budget, urban homesteading, all about herbs, natural toxic free living and beauty, as well as bible studies, and life as a crafty diy addict! And hopefully one day the fulfillment of our dream of one day converting a school bus to a home on wheels and full time road schooling!

As you can see we are a very busy family, always up for a new adventure, typically nature related. We have a deep love and passion for Gods amazing creation, being in it, caring for it, learning about it. My mother and I also draw inspiration from nature that we incorporate into our art and products that we sell in our Etsy Shop:

I feel very connected to creation and in another blog post I will write about my health journey, from bed ridden dealing with Lyme disease, chronic pain and infections as well as POTS, the power of prayer and the amazing plants God has put on this earth for us to heal and enjoy! I'm so grateful to God for all the blessings he has put here on earth for us. One of the many ways we appreciate nature is by foraging for wild foods and medicinal herbs. In this blog I will also teach widely on both wild and domestic herbs for cooking, natural healing and skin care.

A bit about about unschooling. This really is a subject better shown in action (stay posted for a future vlog) but in short and not at all complete explanation it is learning through life, letting our kids passions lead into learning, as you will see as we share our life this really is such an amazing and fulfilling way to learn. I tend to see myself as a facilitator to my children's learning, a resource for them to use to achieve their goals and become more independent learners.

Wayne is making cinnamon rolls here with some of the bread dough we made.

Caleb loves puzzles and geography! He loves learning about places we want to see when we road school!

Alex loves learning about building and helping Ryan with projects. Here they are getting ready to put some floating shelves to put Alexander's Lego projects on!

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