Big Changes!

Wowza the last few weeks have been non stop go, go, go! Why? Because we have decided to take a leap of faith and do something we have been praying and dreaming about for awhile now. Lots of prayer, planning and thought has gone into this decision. I know your probably like get to it already lol.

We have decided to sell our house and most of our stuff and full time travel around the USA and road school our kids in an RV! That's right, you heard me correctly lol. So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of finding an RV suitable for a family of six and pets, selling stuff, prepping the house, this weekend we moved all our stuff into our RV and whatever we couldn't fit in the RV, along with the help of our amazing friends and family got all our stuff put into storage. We are now living in our RV in our driveway while we finish some last minute cleaning and paint touchup before our house goes on the market the 14th and we head south after the election! Until then we plan to camp locally in some areas we haven't explored yet.

This decision came about through lots of family discussion and prayer and we are so excited to see where God takes us! The kids have already been researching the places they want to visit and been spending so much time looking over our map of the United States with a passion and even have been researching the history of some of the places we want to see! I'm so excited to see them learning with such zeal and anticipation.

When we began the process of down sizing I anticipated feel reluctant and nervous but it has actually been very freeing and not as difficult as I thought. By far the most challenging aspect of downsizing has been our homeschool supplies. Once we got the RV I gave the kids an area for their toys and said they can bring what ever they want as long as it fit in their area and to my surprise they did a wonderful job and weren't upset about all the stuff, in fact they discovered how much they never played with! I think its been a valuable lesson for us all in what is truly important.

We are so excited to share our adventures in this new journey we are about to embark on! Stay tuned for an RV tour in the upcoming weeks to see just how we fit enough stuff for 6 people and homeschool supplies into our RV! A personal motto of mine is that tomorrow is not promised so make the most out of today; this is our way of living this life for today.

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